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Please do check our Frequently Asked Questions document if you are having technical trouble.


Q: How much will this cost?
A: This is a free event for schools only, thanks to the generosity of Rei Foundation Limited

Q: Are there any technical requirements for streaming the films, and interacting in the Q&A sessions?
A: Yes! We recommend Chrome as a browser (PLEASE DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER. We have found problems with this browser)
Please also access from a laptop rather than a phone.
Make sure you have a strong wifi connection.
If you have an old computer, an old operating system or slow internet, we recommend getting set up a little early, pushing play -
then pause to ‘buffer’ the stream, and push play again a few minutes later to see if it works.
Talk to your school IT person if you’re still having trouble.
(We are a small not for profit team, and do not have capacity to answer lots of tech trouble shooting issues- sorry :( )

Q: When do bookings close?
A: While we prefer bookings to be made before June 1st , we will take bookings up until July 11th.

Q: I don’t live in Auckland or Wellington, can I still watch?
A: Yes, we are proud to be delivering this programme Online and Nationwide in 2021

Q: Can I share this information with colleagues?
A: Yes! Please do! We would love to reach as many teachers and students around the country as possible
. Links to watch the film however, must be activated from an email address that is registered with our site as an account.
(Users that haven’t created an account with us yet, won’t be able to watch)

Q: Can we watch half of the movie in one period, and the rest at a later time
A: Yes. As long as you have created an account on our website and signed in,
you can watch the films for free any time between June 4th and July 11th.

Q: Can we download the films, and keep using them as reference material after the festival?
A: No, this is to protect the filmmakers’ intellectual property.
HOWEVER, you can sign up for our DOC EDGE SCHOOLS ON DEMAND service, where you can watch our educational documentaries all year round.
More information to come in September!

Q: Do I have to download any software to access the films or Q&A sessions?
A: No, you can access these through the links that we send, as long as you create an account on the website
to watch the films, and have a strong internet connection.

Q: Will Q&A sessions be on the same website as the film?
A: No. The online Q&A sessions will be through Zoom Webinar (we will send a link to invite you), and the film will be through our website
Make sure you’re not using the Internet Explorer browser!

Q: Will the Q&A sessions be public?
A: No, this is only open to registered schools, teachers and students.

Q: When will the Q&A sessions start and how long will they go for?
A: Online Q&A sessions will usually take 25 – 30 minutes each.

Q: Can I send the film link to a friend or colleague on the day?
A: No, anyone who wants to watch the film must book and register ahead of the screenings with their email address.

Q: Can I watch films in the main Doc Edge festival for free?
A: Any films that you want to watch in the main festival that are not in the schools programme, require you to purchase a ticket.
Go to your film of choice on the main festival site, and then click ‘rent now’.

Q: What if my computer crashes and I can’t find the film link?
Go to our website, find your film, click play, and you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

We’re looking forward to making this a great festival for schools, teachers and students around the country in 2021!

Thanks in advance for your patience as we try to manage all the tech, and admin hiccups that will likely occur as we smooth this new process out.

We hope you enjoy the movies!

Matthew Donaldson | Doc Edge | Schools Manager T: +64 9 360 0329 | M: +64 21 896 175 | |