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Who am I?

30m English, Geography, Social Studies 2016

Suggested age group: 9+

The violently disputed general election in Kenya divided people along tribal lines, and for the first time, many urban Kenyans had to identify their tribe. Almost 10 years later, many fear Kenya could be becoming more tribally polarized than ever before.

Download the education kit HERE. Please note, our education kits are currently in review as we develop material which more directly reflects NCEA achievement standards.

Using games and interviews the filmmakers ask 8 – 11-year-olds what they understand about discrimination, tribe and religion and how, when they are discriminated against themselves, do they feel about their own identity. Inspired by Jane Elliot’s Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes’ experiment, the film delicately picks at the religious and tribal tensions that exist in Kenya, by creating an exercise in which the class is arbitrarily divided into groups.


Wanuri Kahiu


Nick Reding


Swahili, English