#Unfit: A Psychological Thriller (2020)

  • 1h 14m
  • Dan Partland
  • United States

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#UNFIT Teaching Resource

Please note that this film is 10 minutes shorter than originally advertised
so Q&A sessions will start 10 minutes earlier too

Advisory: Infrequent Strong Language

“Is Donald Trump psychologically fit to be President?”

After years of empirical observation, for the first time ever, prominent mental health professionals go on camera, on the record, to discuss, analyse, and conduct a science-based examination of the behaviour, psyche, condition, and stability of President Trump.

#UNFIT examines his effect on America’s citizenry, culture and institutions.

Equally crucial to understanding the Trump phenomenon is understanding his support base. In a riveting discussion, the film’s mental health experts theorise on the phenomenon of Trump’s hardened base of supporters, how and why they continue to support him, and why so many of them dig in, deny, deflect, and otherwise mirror his actions. 

Their expert analysis is rooted in science.

Though it has undeniable political implications, #UNFIT is not politically motivated; it does not advocate for policy issues or take a stance on matters of state. The film is also not intended to offer a formal diagnosis nor recommend treatment.

Using anecdotal references, the filmmakers connect the dots between Trump’s behaviour and what they observe to be conditions of paranoia, anti-social personality disorder, narcissism and sadism. These traits are collectively termed Malignant Narcissism, often referred to as the “quintessence of evil”.

A malignant narcissist is grandiose, with an inflated sense of accomplishment, and an excessive need for admiration: boastful, hypersensitive to criticism, arrogant, and envious.

He is always ready to raise hostility levels, and uses deceit and manipulation. He transgresses social norms, and lacks moral conscience. He is preoccupied with perceived disloyalty, bears grudges, is quick to blame others and prone to conspiracy theories. He dehumanises people he perceives as weak, and takes glee in their misfortune.

Does any of this sound familiar?


Dan Partland