Student Short Documentary Competition (2020)

  • 59min
  • Sky Gobbi (Wellington High School Underwater Hockey)
  • Sedona Milich (Mirimiri)
  • Veronica Maitre (Becoming Masina)
  • Kate Gordon (Hurting to Heal)
  • Samylle Anjos (Out There)
  • Egor Belykh (Rarepenguin)
  • New Zealand

Advisory: Sexual Abuse Trigger Warning, Infrequent Strong Language

Download the STUDENT SHORT DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION teaching resource here:

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Cash prizes for student finalists have been made available
thanks to the generosity of The Wallace Foundation.

Films from aspiring filmmakers, showcasing the best of student filmmaking talent.


Wellington High School Underwater Hockey
Directed by Sky Gobbi
5 mins
Teacher Murray Chisholm wanted to promote this fun sport and to showcase the success of the Junior Boys A-Team. The film captures the team’s culture of being supportive, competitive - and having fun.

Directed by Sedona Milich
7 mins
After suffering a stroke 10 years ago that left Doreen Milich (Nan) unable to speak and without motor skills on her right side, specialists rate her a zero out of five with a three month rehabilitation period in Whangārei Base Hospital. Doreen’s daughter returns to perform traditional Māori healing (mirimiri) gifted to her by her tūpuna (ancestors).

Directed by Egor Belykh
5 mins
A young photographer explains his photographic techniques, inspirations and motivations.


Becoming Masina
Directed by Veronica Maitre
14 mins
Lusi Faiva breaks barriers as a physically challenged dancer and actor in this short documentary which looks at the creation and progression of her latest project; the sensory-immersive theatre production called Masina Returning Home.

Hurting to Heal
Directed by Kate Gordon
15 mins
This powerful film describes one woman’s journey from childhood rape to healing, recovery and happiness. It takes us to the darkest day of Sarah’s life and sheds light on the long-term effects of sexual abuse and the difficulties of dealing with the judicial system.

Out There
Directed by Samylle Anjos
13 mins
In this short documentary, we meet Jennie McCormick, a remarkable amateur astronomer who built an observatory in her own backyard, co-discovered a planet and discovered an asteroid, while keeping her full-time day job and raising two children by herself.