Relaxed Shorts (2020)

  • 1h 10m

Tuesday 16th June, 10:00am
Tuesday 23rd June, 10:00am
Tuesday 30th June, 10:00am

Shorts featuring animals, sports, singing and dancing for students with special needs.

Becoming Masina
Directed by Veronica Maitre
15 mins
Lusi Faiva breaks barriers as a physically challenged dancer and actor in this short documentary which looks at the creation and progression of her latest project; the sensory-immersive theatre production called Masina Returning Home.

River Queens: Highlight My Strengths
Directed by Jeremy Lurgio
15 mins
A group of young female paddlers compete in the national sprint championships on the Whanganui river, and learn about team work, passion and heart from their coach and mentor who also provides them with a Māori world view.

Violet is Blue
Directed by Alex M. Azmi
40 mins
The playful life of gibbons is revealed in this cheeky, heart-warming documentary about rescued gibbons at an animal shelter.