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Our Aotearoa

11m Animation 2022

Three immigrants talk about their experiences living in Aotearoa, New Zealand. They share their hardships acclimating to a different culture and society, and how their life has changed from the beginning of their journey to now. Their stories are a small window into the life of the minority group that is immigrants.

2022 Tertiary Winner of the Student Short Documentary Competition, and 2022 New Zealand Short Winner. Made by Massey University students, Monica Cordero, Dayoon Song, Liam Banks, Helena Halliday, Danielle Mendoza, Sofie Hemmingsen, Zach Stephen, Sasha Votyakova and Harvey Davies. This film will be screening in theatre in Wellington at The Embassy, Thu 30 June.


Monica Cordero


Dayoon Song


English, Korean


New Zealand