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Kings of Baxter

1h 6m Drama, English, Media Studies 2017

Advisory: Mild swearing

Can twelve young teenage offenders conquer Macbeth?

Suggested age rating: 12+

Download the education kit HERE. Please note, our education kits are currently in review as we develop material which more directly reflects NCEA achievement standards.

This film also comes with it’s own study guide (although it’s made for the Australian curriculum, it should still be helpful), view it here.

Kings of Baxter explores the challenging and emotional journey of young offenders and their teachers as they embark on a landmark Bell Shakespeare program to stage a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in front of their families and fellow inmates.

Through their own interpretations of Macbeth, the boys are challenged to consider their own place in the world: their choices, circumstances, and future. The humanising act of creating art acts as a catalyst to reveal those truths and challenge our perceptions of troubled youth.


Jack Yabsley